Donnerstag, 19. März 2009

Back home again

Saturday I finally made it back home after a terribly long and uncomfortable flight.

In retrospect I have to say that the trip was wonderful. There were so many new impressions and I've learned so much about Australia. It was great fun!

During my stay I knitted 5 pairs of socks. Here they are, guarded by my lovely echidna, one of several little beanies I bought. Just can't resist a cute face and soft fur ... ;)

Some of the yarn I brought with me and some I bought in Melbourne and Sydney. Both cities have some lovely yarn shops.

In Melbourne we got to me a knitter group. They were very nice and welcoming. Unfortunately we didn't get the chance to meet the Sydney knitters, but I like the idea that you can connect with people all over the world through a shared passion for knitting.

Sonntag, 8. März 2009

The Blue Mountains

In Sydney we rented a car and drove along the Great Western Highway into the Blue Mountains. There we stayed in Katoomba, a little town right near the Three Sisters.
The weather was great, sunshine and cool winds, and the view absolutely fantastic.

To get down the mountain and take a rainforest hike I had to go down by cable car and go up buy the worlds steepest train. But it was worth it.

Now we are back in Sydney for the last 5 days of our Australian adventure.


We spent a whole week in Sydney and had a great time. The city is great and has so many wonderful things to offer. The harbour is a sight to see, the botanical garden is lovely, they have very quaint shopping centers in old Victorian buildings.

I've taken hundreds of pictures and when I get back I will upload the best of the best so everyone who is interested can have a look.