Sonntag, 5. April 2009

Beautiful Yarn

I am really thrilled, because Saturday a birthday package arrived and it contained some very beautiful sock yarn.

The blue color is called Heather. For these I will have to pick out a special pattern,
but it will be some time before I start making these socks.

At the moment I am busy with four different knitting projects.

1) a scarf in a pattern called Dragon Skin from a wonderful skein of Noro
2) a pair of lacey socks in variegated light brown, first one is done, second one about half way
3) a sweater for myself in a deep red yarn with little colorfoul specks
4) a baby sweater in Elizabeth Zimmermann's pattern for a knitting friend

Fotos of these projects will be posted upon completion.

I will leave you with an impression of the forsythie in front of my window. Spring!

1 Kommentar:

  1. Es frühlingt halt doch sehr :)
    (oder in anderen Worten: Great minds think alike)

    Die Wolle will ich mir aber dann auch nochmal genauer anschauen. Wo kommt sie denn her?